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One of Burlington's hidden natural treasures is the Landlocked Forest, aka the Landlocked Parcel. So named because it located oppostite Route 3, Burlington residents need to access this property from legal entrances in Bedford and Lexington. This forest is the last town-owned property that Burlington's Open Space Plan recommend preserving as a legacy for conservation and recreation. The Landlocked Forsest currently offers about 12 miles of narrow trails, perfect for walking, trail running, bicycling, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing. Let us not cut this forest down and create yet another high tech campus, housing complex and mall.

Hopefully, they will show a sliver of the beauty that the Landlocked Forest contains, and be used to aid in this property's preservation. To help protect this wonderful forest, visit Friends of the Burlington Landlocked Forest. Their mission is to protect the forest ecosystem, provide easier access for Burlington residents, and promote stewardship of the trails for non-motorized recreation.

Purchase a photograph, photo puzzle, mug, t-shirt, mousepad, apron or tote bag, and the proceeds will be donated to the Friends of the Landlocked Forest.
White-tail deer in the Landlocked ForestThrough trees and wallsOne of many small streams and rivulets that provide Burlington's water supplyWater crossing - a non-invasive way to protect the streamIndigo Bunting guarding its nestHistoric paths and woods roadsSugarloaf Mushroom and friendsStone testiment to our agricultural pastRed-tailed hawk live and hunt in the forests and meadowsAbout 12 miles of trails allow vistors a chance to explore the forest's beautyBirth of a tree on a bed of mossVernal pool, required habitat for many rare species: fairy shrimp, mole salamanders and wood frogsDense Pine StandMany colorful fungi  perform essential roles in all ecosystems decomposing organic matterStone crossing over small brook20' tall glacial erratic