Singlespeed Photography | NEMBA IMBA Trail School 2010

Pittsfield State Forest -- Great Place for a Trail School!55 participants (not all here) talking trails for a weekendDCR Dale transported the boardwalk lumberHave Trailer, Will BuildIMBA/Subaru's Leslie & Chris rocked the house with trail knowledgePSF's CCC 1930s Ski Lodge was a great venueCT NEMBA CrewBerkshire NEMBA crewPioneer Valley NEMBA crewSouthern NH NEMBA crewPK's Tip #846: Provide LOTS of good food!Chris giving the classic safety tool talkMy "circle of death" is bigger than your "circle of death" !Leslie's got a "circle of death" too!Tom Grimble & Mike T. teaching boardwalk/bridge constructionChris, zero'ing in his clinometer -- tough when your 6'8"Putting in a drainage knick